I'm a veteran brewer with a host of major awards who has operated, scaled and built breweries from small to regional-sized.  After building a career in brewing I started my own successful brewery, which I still operate part-time.  Because "the rising tide raises all ships" I now draw from this experience, giving other breweries and related businesses the information and assistance they need to be successful within the beer industry.

Career Highlights

  • 15 years professional brewing experience
    • Managed breweries from 7-120 Bbl batch size

  • Scaled a brewery from small to regional-sized

    • Set up and dialed in 40 Bbl 4-vessel automated brewhouse, 120 Bbl cellar, centrifuge and associated equipment

    • Increased production 10x over the course of 2 years winning awards at every major competition (GABF and World Beer Cup) held along the way

  • Planned and built a successful brewery from scratch which I still own

    • Wrote the business plan and financial projections and secured financing

    • Managed construction and designed, commissioned and installed one-of-a-kind, purpose-built brewing system and related equipment

    • Managed the business to success achieving substantial year/year growth in Denver's competitive brewery scene

  • Played a significant role in winning many major awards across a variety of beer styles

    • 13 Great American Beer Festival awards (Including Gold at the most recently held)

    • 7 World Beer Cup awards (Including Silver at the most recently held)


Brewing Philosophy

I love small-batch brewing because I get to be both creative and calculated, while having the satisfaction of experiencing and enjoying the end result.  It's like being an artist, a farmer and an engineer all at once.  As a brewer, I believe in being deliberate and working from a conceptual perspective.  Like a storyteller, you must know the ending before you begin.  For me, simply manipulating grist and hops isn't enough.  This often means making process-forward decisions and ensuring the history of a style is represented in the beer.



I am a project-driven person who thrives on new challenges and the process of working towards a goal.  In my career I have proven a strong mechanical aptitude, an engineering mindset and a creative perspective.  In my spare time I play music, build custom motorcycles and am currently studying Spanish.

Little_Machine_Master_R copy.png

Little Machine is a neighborhood brewery in Denver, CO.  I wrote the business plan, fundraised the project and commissioned the one-of-a-kind brewery from a fabricator in Colorado.  I managed construction, set up the brewery, dialed it in and brewed the first 150 batches on my own, winning Gold at GABF and Silver at World Beer Cup along the way.  I managed the business to success and have achieved year/year growth in Denver's competitive market.  While I still own and operate Little Machine part-time, I am fueled by the excitement of new projects and have plenty of energy to devote to yours.

Brett was instrumental in our brewery growing from 1,500 bbl/yr to 15,000 bbl/yr. He played a vital role in commissioning our 40bbl 4-vessel brewhouse in our new facility. He has the knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of brewing operations from equipment to final product in both small and larger breweries.
— Kevin Delange, Dry Dock

Brett has a wealth of knowledge, and not only has contributed to helping us understand the brewing process better, but also has been instrumental in helping us improve the performance of the equipment we manufacture.
— Lance Johnson, Forgeworks

punta sur logo.jpg
We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Brett. He worked with us to create procedures to ensure consistency in our brewing process and gave us the confidence to experiment with different ingredients and techniques. His extensive knowledge is obvious because he was able to work with our small equipment to help us solve problems and improve our brewery.
— Adrianne Banka, Punta Sur Cerveceria